Artistic Style

Marianna’s art has realism with a spiritual quality and delicacy giving the appearance of stained glass that could break easily in careless hands. Her paintings combine seemingly incompatible ideas: powerful expression and grace, clarity and complexity, clear roots in the art of the past, but with its own modern graphic language. Marianna’s work is always built on her extensive and widespread education together with formidable skills and talent, where she often combines realistic perceptions with transcendental sensitivity.

There is always a sense of care behind the placement and execution of any detail of the painting as well as of the whole piece of art itself. She often puts complementary colours in their natural purity on the canvas where just the representation of a flame illuminates and shows the imaginative approach of the work. The energy of the flame symbolically stands for spiritual energy.

Bold colours like sky-blue, ruby-red, emerald-green and yellow sometimes compete with one another in ways not seen in nature but it is the balance of these colours that make the composition seem completely natural. Objects and background are treated equally in their importance for the overall work and its harmony.

Marianna’s work is based on her religious beliefs and often addresses the clash of an ideal spiritual world with the cruel reality we are living in. It seems her aspiration is to reveal the spiritual part of human life. Marianna’s heart and emotions are closely linked to Mother Russia, and her work shows on many occasions the depth of the Russian soul and especially its melancholy side.